November 22, 2019: Chip Roy Rejects U.S. Intelligence, Embraces Russian Disinformation

Despite unanimous agreement among America’s national security experts that stories of Ukrainian election-meddling are “a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services,” Roy has fully embraced the Russian conspiracy theories.

“I do think there is ample evidence of Ukraine having engagement and involvement with things talking about a 2016 election,” Roy told the press. “I think there is more than enough evidence on that.” In fact, U.S. intelligence officials know, and have told Congress, that Russian intelligence officers concocted and spread these false stories.

Roy has tried to blame both Russia and Ukraine for electoral interference.  He wants to have it both ways, acknowledging the overwhelming evidence that Russia is attacking our elections, while parroting and amplifying the Russian attacks. His actions are not those of an American who protects and defends his country.